Friday, October 15, 2010


So I went on a blind date today....after work I met a guy at Dunks and had a brief drink....unfortunately he doesn't understand the female mind in today's world and after 5 minutes asked me to go back to his place....i declined and said I'd talk to him is a wonderful

so a little later he im'd me and asked me out to a movie next week....i think he might have gotten the least...

he's nice and cute so fingres crossed that he turns out to be a good guy

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Holy Hair Batman!

I've been a red-head...or trying my best to be a red-head (it keeps going think someone's trying to tell me something?) but it's been a while since i re-did the color (thank you summer so it's been getting steadily mousier....mouse brown is not that attractive this time i've decided to go for a rich deep chestnut brown....thinking the dark hair with the blue eyes and the sparkly nose might be fingerd crossed and i'll let y'all know!

well it's not quite chestnut....but it's kinda cool...what do you think?

Friday, October 1, 2010

so it wasn't on the list

I've been talking to friends for a while now about wanting to get my nose i did it! and it's really cute!!! i'm thinking when it's time to change the training ring out of getting a flat piece as opposed to a stud which is what's in the hole's hard finding flat rings so if anyone knows of where to get one let me know....

so if anyone is intersted in a good clean place to get a body piercing...go to almoda rox and ask for eli....he's sweet, funny, careful, and very hygenic.....

so it's off the list even though it was never even on

Sunday, September 12, 2010

trapeze school of New York (Boston)

ok so I did it...I flew on a trapeze! OMG was that scary!!!! but I did it and I've got the pictures to prove it....THANK GOSH...because I'm never doing that glasses made it that much scarier....and my body is not designed for that type of was fun and funny....especially when i had to flip off of the net at the bottom and my leg got twisted and i turned into a human pretzel and managed to kick my coach in the

basically how it went was I climbed up the never ending stair case and got hooked into a harness which was hooked onto the safety guide ropes.... my coach a nice guy named Don told me to put my toes on the edge...and that's about where my fight or flight response kicked in....then he brought over the bar and had me hold on with one hand and stand in this really odd position  ( not pleasant) then i held on with the other hand and that's when i nearly went over too early....i think i stopped hearing what Don and the ground coach were saying at about that point.....then Don told me to bend my knees and hop on which point I turned around and said are you NUTS!!!! There's nothing to hop onto.....once he stopped laughing he counted to 3 and silly me I hopped....then i swung back and forth a bit...legs pumping....apparently the ground coach was trying to get me to pump in a certain rhthym but since my heart was in my throat and my senses were on overload i couldn't translate what she was saying into words....but i swung back and forth a few times and then i let go of the bar and dropped backwards into the net....that was kinda of fun in a WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING...kinda

and then i had to somersault out of the net and that would be when my leg got caught and I clocked the ground coach....


lot of fun and quite an experience

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 i'm a bit behind myself but....

it's taken me a abit to get enough time to sit down and actually write something...pathetic i know but there you are....

anyhow...for August I tried Korean food....OMG it was so good...the place is in Alston...I believe it's called ManDoo....we had these little steamed dumplings that were stuffed with I've no clue what but soooooo savory and tasty....then we had chicken on a stick...the seasoning was perfect!!! mouth watering and a tiny hint of spice but not enough that you needed a gallon of water after each bite....and finally a seafood pancake that was beyond heavenly....

For September I went to Vermont! ...I visited the cabot creamery....btw their cheddar is lactose free...and ben and jerry's factory (holy carmel batman!!!) and I tried maple about a sugar high!!!! and went to a real wine tasting....learned TONS and actually picked up a few bottles....and go figure I like hard cider....who would have thunk went to a cider mill and to a the grand canyon of the east....quechee gorge and did a nature was a lot of fun!!!!

That's another state off of my list!!!!

and I also went to cabnobie lake park and talk about some scary roller coasters!!!! I did one dry and 1 wet ....the dry was scarier that's one more of those off my list....I guess that means I need to do 3 more scary roller coaster!

If everything goes well I think I'll try to sneak in one more event before the month is out to make up for being so busy and not getting to do something each month!

fingers crossed and I'll let you know as I do!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok between starting a new job and the beginnings of fireworks season I haven't been as dilligent with this as I would like...but last weekend I did something really fun I drove a speed boat! It was quite the adrenalin rush! You know how when you drive down the road you'll see a sign that says BUMP...guess what...they don't have those in the

I'm gonna try and do better at posting

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a new challenge!

so I was at Jordan'd furniture the other day to talk with them about setting up an adoption event and I saw their aerial display and discovered that for $20 I can try three swings on the trapeze...and honestly how can I not do that???? so I'm gonna do it! Hopefully next Sunday....anyone wanna come with? or just laugh at me and my lovely said she's gonna take pics of it so I'll have to make sure to post those....fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was thinking about wanting to do the blind date challenge next but alas everyone I talk to doesn't know anyone.So either I'm undateable, my friends know no one who's single, and/or there are just no available guys out there any more. 

Then today I was listening to the radio on my way to work and they were talking about the difference between dating then and now and how now it seems to be all about the online dating sites.  And they asked people who've tried to call in and give some feedback as to what works, what doesn't etc.  So e-harmony seemed to jump out at me as the one that was different, special, and seemed to have a good success rate.  So I figured what they hey...I set up a profile and got 7 least 3 sound interesting enough to want to go on a first date with but....i can't contact them or do onaything other than see the most basic info in their profiles unless i've got a spare $250 lying around which...SHOCK.... I don't.

So now I'm frustrated and irritated.  Want to do it, wish I could, but just can't afford it....oh well maybe in a few more years....

ttfn from an irritated girl

Friday, March 5, 2010

Challenge 1

SO this evening after work I went to my local liquor store for their weekly wine tasting.  It was interesting but since I was the only one there at the time it was also a bit of a let down.  I tried 4 wines the first was a white from Germany and was very good.  Had a nice smooth flavor dry but not arid and a really nice bouquet.  The next was a red from the moutains of France and was nice but it felt as if it coated my tongue somewhat.  The third was a horrendous red from Madrid.  It was heavy and heady and just NO! the fourth was from Italy and was ok not my favorite but not horrible either. 

I think that I should try another wine tasting but at a different location.  See how it compares.  One thing that I wish was that they'd had or I'd brought a small pad and pencil so I could take some notes.

When I mentioned this to a friend in Israel she suggested that I try something called a Lambourgesa (i think that's what it was) any way it's a bubbly red and I asked the guy at the liquor store about it he knew right away what i was talking about and low and behold they had it.  It's from Italy and he said it's from the Mario Battali reguion of Italy and it's great for pasta but also heavy, rich, fatty meals because it cuts right throught the fat and brings out the essence of the wine. 

So as soon as I've got a little spending $ I'm gonna go ahead and splurge on a bottle of the nice white German wine and a bottle of the bubbly red....

Fun and interesting and gonna have to try this again one day soon!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


so turning in my 2 weeks notice has given me such a zest and seal and woo hoo and to celebrate tomorrow when i leave work i'm going to go to ball street liquors and go to a wine tasting for oz pacific wines...can't wait to travel the worlds vineyards...feel free to check it out  the place sounds cool...and best of all it's just a block and a half away! so life is good....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wonderful wednesday!

i got the word my new job came through!!! i'm so excited!!!! this is awesome!!! i can't wait for it to begin!!!! hooray!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

march 2

long day at work and my brain is tired but i did have one thought i think the liquor store down the street has wine tastings on friday evenings...maybe i'll go down there on friday to do that...let's see how i feel though....right now 6pm seems like that does make do anything in the evening just a bit well we shall see what we shall see

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March

Ok so today is the first day of march and therefore the first official day of my challenge and time to begin seriously thinking about challenge number 1....what to do what to do....these are the moment when we begin to contemplate our navels and wonder....ok i must be more tired than i thought...toodle noodle for now...m,aybe tomorrow i'll know where i'm heading on challenge number one.....

Sunday, February 28, 2010


well i flaked on y'day and today's not too much better....just hung out with friends and chatted online and stuff like that...though i did finally get myself set up with skype so that's a good thing....otherwise not much new here in leah

Friday, February 26, 2010

bad friday

after not getting any sleep last night due to coughing and choking i had to call out from work again.  i was so hoping to make a full week for the first time in over a month snd there went that again.  and beyond that i had to back out on the wine tasting....i'm really sad and frustrated right now.

 i thought that maybe the left ovr drowsiness and numbness was from all the meds i tried taking last night so i took a showeer and i couoldn't even manage to stand up to the pressure of the water and now i'm .back in bed again trying to sleep at this horrible almost but not quite upright angle. it rots but it's the only way i can breathe without pain and gasping for air.  of course it makes it hard to sleep which is a problem since i'm so tired i'm actually shaking.

ok positive thinking next weekend i'm going to be doing an adoption event! and Jo's big b'day dinner at a new restaurant we've never been to before and some friends will be coming allong so that's fun! i wonder if in the  meantime i can find something to challenge my week with or if i should let sleeping dogs lie for just one more week.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainy Thursday

So I'm sitting herer listening all day to the rain pouring around me and somehow it's given me yet another idea for the list....though it sounds odd in correlation to the rain...i wanna learn how to play a fiddle or violin so i can learn to play bluegrassy type's me so none of this makes any danged sense.../but what the hey...maybe i need to go ahead and add it to the list...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So nothing much done today as it relates to the challenge BUT....I did get my weekend project better organized...HOORAY! gotta love organization! and got my taxes finished and submitted and notified that both were accepted! YAY!!! so all in all a decent day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ok, so I'm jump starting the list a bit early.  A friend is hosting a wine tating so I'm gonna go and that'll be the first off the list...I'm so excited! I'll try and take some pictures to post...and I'll make sure to tell you all about it! Here's to the first sip of Challenging Life!


Monday, February 22, 2010


Went to work today and got some of the mess with blue cross blue shield straightened out....fingers crossed that the rest occurs soon...had a LOOOOOOONg day though because of the negative work environment so I did a straight 8 w/out a lunch and left....immediately after getting home I laid down and slept for HOURS! I hope Warren comes back from his trip and is ready to bring me on full-time!

Fingers Crossed!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Fairly productive Jo's taxes totally done and mine almost totally done...I came across a small issue though with my 1098-E's as in I didn't get any but I thought I should have since I managed to get alot of my student loans paid off and the remaining ones condenced into one bill and it's paid on time every month....does anyone know the deal with these danged forms?

anyway i also managed to get some laundry taken care of and some sweeping done...

so like i said fairly productive...and the nice part of that is it makes my desire to attack the list seem that much more realistic and possible and makes me feel like i can do this challenge.

Have a good one y'all and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Nothing new and exciting to report for today but I did get really caught up on some chores I'd been letting slide and that's a good thing...can't let my day to day life suffer cause in it's own way day to day living is a challenge itself.  Maybe it's only the bridge between the good parts but you still gotta cross it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 2 clearly thinking about challenges I went into this aware of  has made me come up with more than even I could have imagined possible.  The list keeps growing every time I turn.

Still not sure what task one will be but at the same time I'm thinking I may get more than one done at a time and if that's the that a bad thing? I don't think so I think that the more I do the more I'll find I want to do and try and the more I'll experience.

One odd thing I've been thinking about is what I would love to do if anything were possible and I keep coming back to the same ill formed dream hiding in the back of my mind....I'd love to own my own bookstore.  I'd have both a new and used section.  A children's section with soft comfy chairs, reading times, activities and fun stuff like that.  I'd also have a teachers section with all kinds of materials and supplies.  The different sections of the bookstore would have different would have maps and globes, languages would have sayings in all different languages posted around, science fiction would have a spaceship type feel, science more of a lab room type feel.

Silly I know but god it's fun to think about.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1

 I was so excited to log on today and see I've already had a comment, 2 votes (though they didn't say what for) and 3 THANK YOU!

I read in the paper today about a correlation being researched between happiness (or an attempt at happiness) and lowering the risk of heart disease and it made me think wow maybe I'm onto something...maybe I'm on the right track.


I've had a few q's asking me what my first challenge is going to be and when I'm going to start and I think that I will do my first challenge in March...that way I've got a week or so to get myself a bit more pulled together and get my taxes done (hey some of this stuff costs

I'm still trying to decide what my first challenge will be though at the moment I'm leaning towards the bar and flirting...seems kinda easy and maybe a nice way to start off. 

One thing I realized though is that for some of my challenges I'm gonna need your assistance if anyone has a blind date they wanna set me up on let me know.  I'm willing to adjust my schedule...such as it is...and heck I'll even travel a bit to try it.

Oh well...more on these thoughts tomorrow.

Love YA!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Challenge

Having been inspired by first the book and then the movie Julie and Julia (aka the Julie/Julia Project) I have decided to grab my life by the horns and take control. I am going to Challenge Life!

The Challenge:
To once a month force myself to do something new and different. Something I've always wanted to do or something I'm terrified to do and sometimes something that someone else has challeneged me to do. And to DAILY get on this blog and write about how this Challenge in whole and in it's parts is affecting my life.

The Goal:
To get myself back out in the world. To begin living life once again to its fullest. To find joy and happiness. To take the 'one of these days' out of my vocabulary and live my life for whatever it's length to its fullest.

Where I'm coming from:
I've fallen off the track of life. I got lost in the mundane and everyday. I hate where I am and can't see a way out. I know what I want but can't figure out how to get there from here. I'm in a rut. Somethings I gave up on because it wasn't "appropriate" or "proper" or because I was no good at it. Others I gave up on because I was afraid. Many I gave up on because of $ and time. I'm tired of quitting life. How do I expect to reach my goals of living a good life if I quit at everything? I can't. So now it's time to jump on that horse and ride!

My few intersperced tries at life:
I got married (because that's what you're supposed to do after college) and though he was a friend there was never anything more to it than that and the divorce that followed has caused shattering effects every where I turned.

But it also gave me the kick in the pants to do a few new things...I became an apprentice pyrotechnician. Yup that's right me a jewish girl from long island blows things up...go figure....and I LOVE IT! The artistry and intrigue make me feel alive!

I went to a rodeo and loved it. I also made friends with many Bullriders and maybe part of this is their zest for life flowing into me as well! The lights and noise! The drama and silliness! How could anyone not love watching a RODEO!

I traveled to Arizona to see the place where one of my favorite TV shows was filmed and vacationed with a bunch of strangers who also love the show and walked away with the greatest group of friends and frenemies you'd ever hope to assemble.

I went to Disney World! I made a fool of myself standing in line for autographs with characters and talking toeveryone i met, even complete strangers that were on their own vacations because now they were a part of my vacation. I got up and danced in the middle of my hotels cafeteria during breakfast...why because the usic was fun! I sat in the pilot's seat on the airplane on the trip down because I was so excited about my trip that I told everyone about it and when the pilot's heard they invited me in while we changed planes in Charlotte.

In High School I went to France as part of a Student Exchange! Talk about life changing. Imagine being 16 years old alone in Paris and lost and loving it! I was giddy and excited and nervous and scared.

But through all of these roller coaster emotions....I was ALIVE! I did all of these things and I treasure them and hold onto them like balls of light in the darkest moments. I shut my eyes and can feel those moments again though brief they remind me that life is for the living.