Sunday, September 12, 2010

trapeze school of New York (Boston)

ok so I did it...I flew on a trapeze! OMG was that scary!!!! but I did it and I've got the pictures to prove it....THANK GOSH...because I'm never doing that glasses made it that much scarier....and my body is not designed for that type of was fun and funny....especially when i had to flip off of the net at the bottom and my leg got twisted and i turned into a human pretzel and managed to kick my coach in the

basically how it went was I climbed up the never ending stair case and got hooked into a harness which was hooked onto the safety guide ropes.... my coach a nice guy named Don told me to put my toes on the edge...and that's about where my fight or flight response kicked in....then he brought over the bar and had me hold on with one hand and stand in this really odd position  ( not pleasant) then i held on with the other hand and that's when i nearly went over too early....i think i stopped hearing what Don and the ground coach were saying at about that point.....then Don told me to bend my knees and hop on which point I turned around and said are you NUTS!!!! There's nothing to hop onto.....once he stopped laughing he counted to 3 and silly me I hopped....then i swung back and forth a bit...legs pumping....apparently the ground coach was trying to get me to pump in a certain rhthym but since my heart was in my throat and my senses were on overload i couldn't translate what she was saying into words....but i swung back and forth a few times and then i let go of the bar and dropped backwards into the net....that was kinda of fun in a WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING...kinda

and then i had to somersault out of the net and that would be when my leg got caught and I clocked the ground coach....


lot of fun and quite an experience

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 i'm a bit behind myself but....

it's taken me a abit to get enough time to sit down and actually write something...pathetic i know but there you are....

anyhow...for August I tried Korean food....OMG it was so good...the place is in Alston...I believe it's called ManDoo....we had these little steamed dumplings that were stuffed with I've no clue what but soooooo savory and tasty....then we had chicken on a stick...the seasoning was perfect!!! mouth watering and a tiny hint of spice but not enough that you needed a gallon of water after each bite....and finally a seafood pancake that was beyond heavenly....

For September I went to Vermont! ...I visited the cabot creamery....btw their cheddar is lactose free...and ben and jerry's factory (holy carmel batman!!!) and I tried maple about a sugar high!!!! and went to a real wine tasting....learned TONS and actually picked up a few bottles....and go figure I like hard cider....who would have thunk went to a cider mill and to a the grand canyon of the east....quechee gorge and did a nature was a lot of fun!!!!

That's another state off of my list!!!!

and I also went to cabnobie lake park and talk about some scary roller coasters!!!! I did one dry and 1 wet ....the dry was scarier that's one more of those off my list....I guess that means I need to do 3 more scary roller coaster!

If everything goes well I think I'll try to sneak in one more event before the month is out to make up for being so busy and not getting to do something each month!

fingers crossed and I'll let you know as I do!!!