Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 2 clearly thinking about challenges I went into this aware of  has made me come up with more than even I could have imagined possible.  The list keeps growing every time I turn.

Still not sure what task one will be but at the same time I'm thinking I may get more than one done at a time and if that's the that a bad thing? I don't think so I think that the more I do the more I'll find I want to do and try and the more I'll experience.

One odd thing I've been thinking about is what I would love to do if anything were possible and I keep coming back to the same ill formed dream hiding in the back of my mind....I'd love to own my own bookstore.  I'd have both a new and used section.  A children's section with soft comfy chairs, reading times, activities and fun stuff like that.  I'd also have a teachers section with all kinds of materials and supplies.  The different sections of the bookstore would have different would have maps and globes, languages would have sayings in all different languages posted around, science fiction would have a spaceship type feel, science more of a lab room type feel.

Silly I know but god it's fun to think about.

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  1. No dream is silly :) Maybe you keep coming back to the idea because it's a path you're supposed to take? I think you should go to Temple. Would be a chance to sit quietly and sort out some of the things running through your mind, say a prayer, and...cross that challenge off your list!
    Just a thought or two from a fellow Buckette (Dani)