Friday, February 26, 2010

bad friday

after not getting any sleep last night due to coughing and choking i had to call out from work again.  i was so hoping to make a full week for the first time in over a month snd there went that again.  and beyond that i had to back out on the wine tasting....i'm really sad and frustrated right now.

 i thought that maybe the left ovr drowsiness and numbness was from all the meds i tried taking last night so i took a showeer and i couoldn't even manage to stand up to the pressure of the water and now i'm .back in bed again trying to sleep at this horrible almost but not quite upright angle. it rots but it's the only way i can breathe without pain and gasping for air.  of course it makes it hard to sleep which is a problem since i'm so tired i'm actually shaking.

ok positive thinking next weekend i'm going to be doing an adoption event! and Jo's big b'day dinner at a new restaurant we've never been to before and some friends will be coming allong so that's fun! i wonder if in the  meantime i can find something to challenge my week with or if i should let sleeping dogs lie for just one more week.....


  1. No, Don't let sleeping dogs lie - they just get fat that way - Pick something, go out and DO IT. Talking about it doesn't get things on your list crossed off. So go ahead, do one of your things----start small. Don't start with bungee jumping or parasailing, try dinner and a movie alone. Pick a nice place and enjoy yourself. Then come back and tell us all about it. We're in your corner.