Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1

 I was so excited to log on today and see I've already had a comment, 2 votes (though they didn't say what for) and 3 THANK YOU!

I read in the paper today about a correlation being researched between happiness (or an attempt at happiness) and lowering the risk of heart disease and it made me think wow maybe I'm onto something...maybe I'm on the right track.


I've had a few q's asking me what my first challenge is going to be and when I'm going to start and I think that I will do my first challenge in March...that way I've got a week or so to get myself a bit more pulled together and get my taxes done (hey some of this stuff costs

I'm still trying to decide what my first challenge will be though at the moment I'm leaning towards the bar and flirting...seems kinda easy and maybe a nice way to start off. 

One thing I realized though is that for some of my challenges I'm gonna need your assistance if anyone has a blind date they wanna set me up on let me know.  I'm willing to adjust my schedule...such as it is...and heck I'll even travel a bit to try it.

Oh well...more on these thoughts tomorrow.

Love YA!

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