Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cleaning House

So...I was looking at my list and realized there's a few things on there that I no longer have the desire to do...because I've found someone very special and I'm certainly not going to put that at risk just for the sake of my challenge...and lets be honest the point of the challenge was to improve my life...and I think I have without doing these things....I marked them with the word CANCEL and I also marked off a few with the word DONE....and I'm going to add a few new things that D has suggested....does anyone else have some suggestions for me?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fighting my demons

So....I just discovered one down side to dating a photographer...he has to go out with absolutely gorgeous, stunning women and photograph them in a variety of states of dress....I'm suddenly feeling nervous and phyiscally self-aware and not in the good sense....but I trust D and know that he is honest and truthful and we have an agreement of both exclusivity and honesty. 

I need to trust him and our relationship and I have no reason not to....but a small part of me is still a bit I being stupid or silly or just honest?

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's an odd sensation

A feeling of happiness and calmness seems to have settled over me and after so many years of hunting for that impossible thing I feel suddenly as though I'm done searching.  Does this make any sense? Am I babbling aimlessly? Have I yet stopped smiling?

As I said it's the oddest sensation....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ya just never know....'s no secret that I'm a MAJOR Mouse-Junkie!!!! If there's a 12 step program I should probably be enrolled in it but I'm perfectly happy in my addiction state so I'll skip....
Last December I was at Disney with Jo and Shelly celebrating Hannukkah and an early Christmas...and of course we HAD to see all 4 of the fireworks shows...first night was Wishes (did it as a dessert party and YUM!!!!)...the next night was Fantasmic....AMAZING!!!!
and that's where my story takes a twist away from Disney....while we were out front waiting to be admitted to the show and got to chatting with this cute guy and his very quiet sister.  It was also his second trip to Disney and also his first time at Fantasmic...hmmmmm
When they finally let us in we lost track of the guy and his sis...shame cause he was really cute...and it was really cold and more bodies would have been greatly
After the show we head had to wait for my camera to finalize the disc...and then we got to me the central control crew for the show...Very Cool!!!! finally we headed down the path towards Osbourne lights...lets be honest it's a huge glowing beacon just calling out to can you not....and on the way I hear "so how'd you like the show?" was the guy and his sis...on their way to Osbourne....We chatted about the show and he mentioned that he's taken a ton of pics...and I mentioned the video I'd taken...we exchanged e-mails so we could exchange photos/videos...
Well long story slightly shorter...we're meeting up in person tomorrow...after exchanging a dozen or more e-mails, tons of texts and even a few skypes...the stuff we have in common is amazing and scary....
Is it tomorrow yet?
UPDATE!It was a  Perfect First Date!!!