Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was thinking about wanting to do the blind date challenge next but alas everyone I talk to doesn't know anyone.So either I'm undateable, my friends know no one who's single, and/or there are just no available guys out there any more. 

Then today I was listening to the radio on my way to work and they were talking about the difference between dating then and now and how now it seems to be all about the online dating sites.  And they asked people who've tried to call in and give some feedback as to what works, what doesn't etc.  So e-harmony seemed to jump out at me as the one that was different, special, and seemed to have a good success rate.  So I figured what they hey...I set up a profile and got 7 least 3 sound interesting enough to want to go on a first date with but....i can't contact them or do onaything other than see the most basic info in their profiles unless i've got a spare $250 lying around which...SHOCK.... I don't.

So now I'm frustrated and irritated.  Want to do it, wish I could, but just can't afford it....oh well maybe in a few more years....

ttfn from an irritated girl

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  1. Oh, well my dear lady, you don't have to spend $ 250 on eharmony. They have free communication weekends and the next one should be around Memorial day. Moreover you can get a promotional coupon online and talk to their customer service into reducing the membership for you to as little as 13.35/month.

    Have you tried -- its totally free online dating. Well I don't want to sound as a stalker or a jerk, but if you are there, we can connect there (BTW I am 34 and single)