Friday, March 5, 2010

Challenge 1

SO this evening after work I went to my local liquor store for their weekly wine tasting.  It was interesting but since I was the only one there at the time it was also a bit of a let down.  I tried 4 wines the first was a white from Germany and was very good.  Had a nice smooth flavor dry but not arid and a really nice bouquet.  The next was a red from the moutains of France and was nice but it felt as if it coated my tongue somewhat.  The third was a horrendous red from Madrid.  It was heavy and heady and just NO! the fourth was from Italy and was ok not my favorite but not horrible either. 

I think that I should try another wine tasting but at a different location.  See how it compares.  One thing that I wish was that they'd had or I'd brought a small pad and pencil so I could take some notes.

When I mentioned this to a friend in Israel she suggested that I try something called a Lambourgesa (i think that's what it was) any way it's a bubbly red and I asked the guy at the liquor store about it he knew right away what i was talking about and low and behold they had it.  It's from Italy and he said it's from the Mario Battali reguion of Italy and it's great for pasta but also heavy, rich, fatty meals because it cuts right throught the fat and brings out the essence of the wine. 

So as soon as I've got a little spending $ I'm gonna go ahead and splurge on a bottle of the nice white German wine and a bottle of the bubbly red....

Fun and interesting and gonna have to try this again one day soon!

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  1. This might have been more fun if there had been other people there. Maybe next time you could invite one (or even a few) of your friends to join you. My feeling is this is the kind of thing that's more fun when you're with others. Enjoy the wine when you buy it - but share with someone.

    Love & smiles,